Popsicle Party

It has been horribly hot in our neck of the woods for the past few days–so hot, that I don’t even want to turn on the oven (great excuse, right?). In fact, it was so uncomfortably hot yesterday, that even stepping outside to go to the car lead to protests of “hhhhot!” from the child who is typically grabbing his shoes and racing to the door, pleading with me to go “outs” (toddler speak for “outside”).  Finally, after being cooped up in the AC all day (and reading Wheels on the Bus 25 times in a row) I decided it was time for a quick, ten-minute popsicle party on our deck.  Since this was his first real popsicle experience, I decided to document it like every good, photo-obsessed Mama would.  Enjoy!

Side Note: Baby Cakes has recently learned the skill of “cheers-ing” and wants to do it all.the.time. with every food imaginable.  Perfect skill for partying, right?  



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