Here in the Cupcake household, Friday nights are typically family nights, as the rest of the nights are filled with the Mr. either in class or with his headphones on, ignoring us as he tries to study. Oh yeah, we sometimes have a social life on the weekends too, as we try to keep up with our various groups of friends and our local family. Exhausting, right? So, early on in Mr. C’s grad school journey, as I was having one of my new-parent meltdowns, we made a pact that Friday night is just for us. It has really become something that we both look forward to each week.

The typical Friday night in the past has been take-out Chinese, Chipotle, or frozen pizza with some adult beverages after Baby Cakes hits the hay. Since I decided that we were turning a new leaf with our dinners, I switched it up and planned this festive meal.

The Salsa Chicken is a simple recipe that I adapted to fit our needs.  Since I try not to cook separate meals for Baby Cakes, I used mild seasoning and salsa.  He loved it!  The best part of the meal was definitely the Corn, Tomato, and Avocado salad.  Found on The Teacher Cooks’ blog.  The only thing I changed was eliminating red onions, since I’m not a huge fan.  It was a very simple meal that pleased everyone’s taste buds.  Oh, and our adult beverages for the evening?  Coronas of course.  They complemented this meal very nicely 🙂


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