Terrible Transitions

Recently, I posted a little blurb about not doing well with change.  That’s not really accurate.  I do like change…the excitement that comes with new events like getting married, owning your first home, and starting a family.  What I’m not that great at dealing with are the transition phases that come with each change.   As the summer winds down, and my “stay at home mom” stint comes to an end, I’m actually getting those same, horribly anxious feelings about going through a transition.again.  This time, it will be hard on two of us.

It’s not always about leaving Baby Cakes all day.  When he was first born, I wasn’t ready.  In my grand plan, I was going to work until the Friday before I was due and I would get to have a little down time/ date time with Mr. C before our family of two became three.  Baby Cakes had other plans, and decided to break into the world on Thursday, leaving me “running out of my classroom screaming” (so the rumor mill said) and to the hospital (yes, I was that girl who had to leave work to have a baby!).   After all was settled and we were home, those horribly anxious feelings settled in.  This time, I was sad about rushing out on “my kids”, when in fact, I was home with the most important kid of all.

It took me some time to settle into the stay at home routine, but I really took to it.  This summer, with Baby Cakes being another year older, our routines are set, and our activities are so much fun.  I’m having a good time planning out our weeks’ events and meals.  Although I’m still learning to be that bargain grocery shopper/meal planner/ chef, I’m starting to get the hang of it.  Now with about 4 weeks to go, I’m starting to get those transitioning blues that always creep up.   It’s going to be a challenge, but I hope that I can somewhat keep up this momentum as a working mom and just know that if I can keep my head a few more inches above water than it was last year, my family will be happier.


One thought on “Terrible Transitions

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