Mrs. Cupcake: Fraud


Today I was a fraud.  I stay at home (at least for a few more weeks)–my job should be to take care of Baby C, and all that it entails, plus show some sort of evidence that I touched a broom, vacuum, or the washing machine.  Like I said, today I was a fraud.  This morning, thanks to a contest I won (or, should I say my students won), some fabulous ladies came over and cleaned my house.  I can’t even remember the last time Casa de Cupcake felt so un-disgusting.  I guess this post is admitting that while I was suffering from some domestic dysfunction today, at least my house looks amazing.  You’d think that after not lifting one finger on housework, I’d have something delicious planned…oops. If only I didn’t already tell Mr. C about this…I could’ve passed it off as my own work!



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