Whirlwind Sunday Preview

I think I’ve gone crazy. Or at least attempting to be it all and do it all.

Tomorrow I’m hosting a shower for a dear friend and bride-to-be, Baby C’s Auntie A.  I’m her MOH, of course, and will happily be fulfilling that role 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going on a week-long family vacation to the beach.  When I say family vacation, I don’t just mean our quaint little three-some.  Both of my parents come from enormous families (which I love, by the way) and as such, one side of that enormous family will be joining us for the week.

How did these two events overlap? Well, let me remind you about that barely-above-water life that I was (am?) living when all of these arrangements were made.  Oops.  So, tomorrow I have the marathon day of playing hostess and then trucking it to the beach.  Let’s hope we all survive.  And by survive I mean, we get to the beach with all hair in tact (except is that really fair, seeing as I’m really the only member of our Cupcake fam with hair these days?).

The great news?  This stress has finally gotten Mr. C to put away our Christmas decorations, which have been sitting in our master walk-in closet for the better part of 4 months (before that? They were chilling in our hallway.  We had to class up Casa de Cupcake for BabyCakes’ 1st birthday.  C’mon, we’re not that bad…)


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