A Little Blurb about Baby Cakes’ Baby Book!

It has taken me the almost-year-and-a-half of Baby C’s life, but I’ve finally completed his “Baby Book”.  Before I started, I had high hopes that I would begin scrapbooking again, and include all of his little “collector’s items”.  I have a box full of his ultrasounds, footprints and hospital bracelets, cards, “month” stickers from each photo shoot, and much more.  I even got as far as printing pictures from his first 5 months.  Then I went back to work and never had the alone time that I would need to sit down and concentrate on such a task.  Hence, the photo book.  Thank goodness for modern technology!  Maybe I’ll figure out a way to display these important items some day, but for now, at least I have all of the pictures from his first 365 days in one place.

After much research, I decided I wanted something different for Baby C’s first pictures.  I came across a blog post by a mom of little ones over at Little Red Wagon Photography.  This lead me to the fabulous world of Blurb.com, where I had a lot of fun playing around with their layouts and different sizes of photo books.  It was a decent price too, considering I almost went over the photo limit with my hundreds upon hundreds of pictures that I wanted to include.  It came in the mail last week, and I am so thrilled with how it turned out (despite a missing letter that Mr. C was kind enough to point out.  I can never be perfect, can I?)

Here is the ever-adorable cover.  If this doesn’t give you baby-fever, I don’t know what will! 

For more previews of this adorable first-year photo book, check it out here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/2807016/69d130d37910f700159f8d55df87be2ae984f6cf.

Blurb allows you to share your book with friends, family members, and the world.  You can also set only a few pages to be viewed as a preview, which is what I did.  It took me many evenings, post-baby-bedtime, and several glasses of wine, but it is finished and (almost) perfect.


Popsicle Party

It has been horribly hot in our neck of the woods for the past few days–so hot, that I don’t even want to turn on the oven (great excuse, right?). In fact, it was so uncomfortably hot yesterday, that even stepping outside to go to the car lead to protests of “hhhhot!” from the child who is typically grabbing his shoes and racing to the door, pleading with me to go “outs” (toddler speak for “outside”).  Finally, after being cooped up in the AC all day (and reading Wheels on the Bus 25 times in a row) I decided it was time for a quick, ten-minute popsicle party on our deck.  Since this was his first real popsicle experience, I decided to document it like every good, photo-obsessed Mama would.  Enjoy!

Side Note: Baby Cakes has recently learned the skill of “cheers-ing” and wants to do it all.the.time. with every food imaginable.  Perfect skill for partying, right?