An 18 Month Brag Post


Baby Cakes is now 18 months old.  A whole year-and-a-half!  Baby Cakes has always had huge personality, but now Mr. C and I are truly seeing the comic, the scholar,  the sweetheart, and the rambunctious spirit come out in the boy that we have spent the past 18 months (well, 27, really!) getting to know.

I don’t know when kids are supposed to show their sense of humor, but BabyC has his stand up routine down pat.  He has a signature “Dinosaur Voice” in which he will repeat anything you say in a low, gravely growl, as long as you ask, “How does a dinosaur say ____?”  Of course, this is the funniest thing in the world to him, so he always has to throw his head back to force out his toddler cackle.

Our little 18 month scholar is learning letters and building his vocabulary.  People have asked me how many words he knows, and honestly, it would take a long time to create that long list, and I’m sure some words would get left off. Recently, I purchased magnetic letters for the fridge.  He immediately took to them, started pulling them off one-by-one and to my surprise, he was naming them (correctly!).  Thank you Cookie Monster, for your letter of the day.  You have truly made my child a literary genius.

Baby C has turned into such a little person, with his own opinions, style, and sense of humor.  We can’t eat one meal without requests of “ah-deh?” (that’s Adele for those non-toddler speakers) and “dancey?” as Rumor Has It blasts in our kitchen.  Everything is a show while Baby C is on the go, yet I live for those moments when he winding down for the night.  He will fake “ni night” and snuggle up close with his “B” (his little lovey blanket).   Being a mom of a little boy is such an immense joy.  I can’t wait to see all of ways BabyC will continue to amaze us as he is over the  hump and on his way to a big 2 year old.



A Little Blurb about Baby Cakes’ Baby Book!

It has taken me the almost-year-and-a-half of Baby C’s life, but I’ve finally completed his “Baby Book”.  Before I started, I had high hopes that I would begin scrapbooking again, and include all of his little “collector’s items”.  I have a box full of his ultrasounds, footprints and hospital bracelets, cards, “month” stickers from each photo shoot, and much more.  I even got as far as printing pictures from his first 5 months.  Then I went back to work and never had the alone time that I would need to sit down and concentrate on such a task.  Hence, the photo book.  Thank goodness for modern technology!  Maybe I’ll figure out a way to display these important items some day, but for now, at least I have all of the pictures from his first 365 days in one place.

After much research, I decided I wanted something different for Baby C’s first pictures.  I came across a blog post by a mom of little ones over at Little Red Wagon Photography.  This lead me to the fabulous world of, where I had a lot of fun playing around with their layouts and different sizes of photo books.  It was a decent price too, considering I almost went over the photo limit with my hundreds upon hundreds of pictures that I wanted to include.  It came in the mail last week, and I am so thrilled with how it turned out (despite a missing letter that Mr. C was kind enough to point out.  I can never be perfect, can I?)

Here is the ever-adorable cover.  If this doesn’t give you baby-fever, I don’t know what will! 

For more previews of this adorable first-year photo book, check it out here:

Blurb allows you to share your book with friends, family members, and the world.  You can also set only a few pages to be viewed as a preview, which is what I did.  It took me many evenings, post-baby-bedtime, and several glasses of wine, but it is finished and (almost) perfect.


Last week, BabyCakes and I were fortunate enough to spend the entire week playing at the seashore.  Mr. C was there from time to time, but since we always have 5 different things going on at once in this house, he was traveling to and from the beach to attend his grad classes.  This left him driving 16 or so hours back and forth in one week, just to spend a few days with his family.  Isn’t he the best?

I’m sure Mr. C was glad that he could witness his now 17-month old’s first meaningful time playing at the beach.  Since he wasn’t there the first day, I had to snap a few shots of Baby Cakes’ reaction


At times, he would scream with all he had in him, just to be heard above the crashing of the waves.  I fear that he would have run straight across the Atlantic if we let  him.  That being said, Baby C became obsessed with the ocean.  Once we were back at the house (which has an amazing view of the beach) every other word was “o-shun?”.  Sometimes, he would put more than one word together to get his point across to whoever’s leg he could tug on,  “O-shun? try?”  I guess we should start looking for some beach front property!

Here are some of our views from the week.  I had to practice my amateur photography!


Morning walk on the beach

Mad Dash

Down, Ma!

I think that although Baby C has been to the beach 3 times previous to this trip, none was as exciting and new to him as this experience.  I will always remember snuggling with him that first Sunday morning that we woke up in our home upon returning.  He looked at me and said,


                           “more what, bud?” I asked.


Yes, little man, I think we all need a little more “o-shun” in our lives.

The Cheese Chef

There are a few obsessions in the Cupcake household these days, especially by the littlest member.  When a toddler is infatuated with something, you listen, or pay the price.  One huge obsession: cheese.  As soon as that refrigerator door opens, and you hear that sweet pitter patter LOUD thump, thump, thump, you should be prepared to give into the pleas of “CHEEEESE!” or else…

Baby Cakes is also very interested in cooking, or rather, interested in mommy when she’s cooking.  In the past, this has been my excuse not to cook anything complicated, but remember that new leaf i’m trying to turn?  Last night, I had an AHA moment, as my cling-on was getting dangerously close to the stove and oven.  Combining two things that this little man loves: cheese and cooking (or watching his mama cook), I put him to work and gave him a little snack while I was at it.


I know, this is probably not rocket science, but finding ways to entertain a toddler so that you can actually complete simple tasks, can make you feel like a genius.  If anyone has other suggestions to keep a highly energetic, mobile, lightening fast, 16 month old occupied, let me know!

A Seuss-ish Sort of Post

Cover of "Green Eggs and Ham (I Can Read ...

Cover via Amazon

Before I tell you about the project that I completed today and you are super impressed, you need to know that I actually started it when I had a day off due to a snow day…when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant.  Yes, that was January 2011 and yes Baby Cakes is now 16 months old.  You don’t need to do any more math than you already did, thanks!

Baby Cakes was due in early March.  Like any good elementary school teacher, I know that early March means Read Across America Day, also known as the time we celebrate the great Dr. Seuss.  I just knew that my little man was going to be a book lover like his mama, thus, the Dr. Seuss nursery was born.  I, however, am not a lover of “themey” rooms.  I was not envisioning themed sheets/blankets/ catinthehateverything.  I had great plans for a cute room, but underplayed the Dr. Seussishness just a little too much.  As of yesterday, these two items, from Etsy sellers It is Written in Vinyl and The Funky Monkey  were the only theme-related decor in Baby Cakes’ nursery.

It is Written in Vinyl

The Funky Monkey

I decided to change that. I had a project just waiting  calling out to me to finish.   Back when we were decorating, we had already spent so much money getting ready for Baby Cakes’ arrival, so I was looking for something very inexpensive.  I found $5 Dr. Seuss books at my local HomeGoods store.  I bought two copies of Green Eggs and Ham (in case I needed both sides of a page).  I also purchased a dark wood collage frame for  $7.99.  I spent the afternoon ripping out pages, cutting out phrases, and making my own Green Eggs and Ham collage.  I thought it was perfect, until I realized the color of the frame looked horrible in the  nursery.   To the garage it went, only to be saved today.  I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, and I’m not going to make excuses, but 16 months flew by.  All this little picture needed was some fresh white paint and voila! It works perfectly.  I used white acrylic craft paint and a sponge brush. Easy and cheap!  Baby Cakes loves it too.  Ever since I read it to him, he’s been pointing to it saying “Hhhom”.  Now to get it hung on the wall…

Reading, of course.

Finished product

In the nursery

Easy enough, right?  Now that the nursery is almost done, maybe I should finish his baby book?

Popsicle Party

It has been horribly hot in our neck of the woods for the past few days–so hot, that I don’t even want to turn on the oven (great excuse, right?). In fact, it was so uncomfortably hot yesterday, that even stepping outside to go to the car lead to protests of “hhhhot!” from the child who is typically grabbing his shoes and racing to the door, pleading with me to go “outs” (toddler speak for “outside”).  Finally, after being cooped up in the AC all day (and reading Wheels on the Bus 25 times in a row) I decided it was time for a quick, ten-minute popsicle party on our deck.  Since this was his first real popsicle experience, I decided to document it like every good, photo-obsessed Mama would.  Enjoy!

Side Note: Baby Cakes has recently learned the skill of “cheers-ing” and wants to do it all.the.time. with every food imaginable.  Perfect skill for partying, right?