Hey Babe!

Two boys are fighting over me. Yes, this almost-30-year-old has two very cute guys vying for her attention. You’re probably looking for advice on how to become this sought after. Let me tell you my secrets. It must be those greys sprouting up & my new reliance on hair dye. Maybe it’s my less-than-toned tummy, or the fact that yoga pants, sports bras, t-shirts, and pony tails are oh so irresistible! Perhaps, though, it’s the fact that I’m a youngish wife to a man who drools at the drop of cake batter and newish mother to a sweet toddler boy.

Yes, I’m currently raising a tiny mama’s boy.

A very jealous mama’s boy.

On any given morning, Mr. C will leave for work before me, giving me a goodbye kiss on his way out. Normal? Yes. A disaster waiting to happen? You bet. Baby C grabs my legs mid-smooch and pleads, “mommy up?” As soon as I give in, I get a toddler hug & smooch. This is a double win for me, and a twinge of sadness for Mr. C, as a toddler hug and kiss for him takes more coaxing.

A typical Saturday morning means a coffee date on the couch while the little guy plays at our feet. It really sounds like a sweet scene, doesn’t it? In all actuality, this scene involves hand grabbing, (as if Mr. C should even try to hold the hand of Baby C’s true love!) pulling, and pleading of “peeeeaaaaassse Mommy pwwwaaay!” Do I give in? Usually. Who can really resist that sweet voice? Poor Mr. C.

In addition, we constantly hear, “no! Mommy do it!” This mommy can do anything and everything in Baby C’s eyes and Daddy, well, I guess he’ll do if I’m not around. Again, poor Mr. C.

If Mr. Cupcake ever needs an ego boost, however, he just needs to remember that our son mimics his every move. He is watching, listening, and studying how to be a great man, just like his father. And what an amazing example he has. In fact, thanks to his daddy, Baby C has recently starting practicing his pick up lines on me. Ladies and gentlemen, your daughters are in trouble.